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Magazine articles Grant McLaren has written since 1984 include business aviation profiles for Professional Pilot and Rolls-Royce.

These works provide a glimpse inside the often-hidden world of corporate and private aviation. Profiles over the years have ranged from Vanna White's duet of charter Lear 35s and Larry Flynt's black and gold Gulfstream II operation to His Majesty the Sultan of Johor's Gulfstream IV, Agusta 109 and Lake Renegade flight department which support Royal Palace activities in Malaysia's southernmost province.


More conventional flight department profiles include insights into the bizjet applications of Nike Inc Founder & CEO Phil Knight, Occidental Petroleum's Founder Armand Hammer, Freeport McMoran Chairman & CEO James Moffett, Golden Bear Inc CEO Jack Nicklaus, Southeast Asian businessman Tan Sri Ting and Pfizer Inc Chairman & CEO William Steere Jr.

Business jets can be extraordinarily valuable tools in multiplying the effectiveness, and reach, of any individual or corporation.  From the Midwest-based chicken rancher trying to broaden a sales territory, to the TV evangelist looking to drum up more business to the largest of global corporations - they've all benefited and prospered through effective deployment of airborne assets.

Jack Nicklaus in Professional Pilot Magazine September 1995 - article by Grant McLaren
John Travolta in Professional Pilot Magazine November 1996 - article by Grant McLaren; Cover photo Chad Slattery
Donald Trump in Professional Pilot Magazine October 1995 - article by Grant McLaren


1998 Promotional Newsletter for Aviation Partners

Grant McLaren has written promotional news letters, news releases and ad copy for Seattle, WA - based Aviation Partners Inc since 1995.  Aviation Partners designs, builds and markets the world's most advanced Winglet Performance Enhancing Systems for business jets and commercial transports.  Testimonial-style newsletters have featured the flight operations of Hilton Hotels, Sequent Computers, John Travolta, Clay Lacy Aviation, TV Azteca and numerous Gulfstream II business jet users who've enhanced their corporate transports with Blended Winglet Technology.  In most cases, Grant McLaren has provided on-site photography for these projects.

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